Yes and no - non-Apple devices can scan the QR codes with any free bar code App and view the gallery - this is a native function on the IPhone. Due to operating system configuration limitations, this product is not recommended for purchase for non IPhone users.

No. Additional website kits and additional placards for existing kits can be ordered using the forms downloadable from the buttons on our home page.

Anywhere you want - interior and exterior (smooth, dry and clean surfaces only) The QR Placards are made of virtually indestructible PVC composite material and the imprinting is done through a permanent dye sublimation embossing process and not affected by the elements. The pre-mounted adhesion tape is double sided automotive grade strength.

Any digital pics or vids you want to share with others (in acceptable formats and within content limit)*. Many customers scan or take digital pictures of old school paper photos (in albums) to include them in this digital website technology. *Please see our Disclosure Notice on Home Page regarding content.

"QR" stands for "Quick Response". It is an addressable dot matrix pattern which can be scanned electronically and directs you immediately to a particular website. This technology has existed for years and has been utilized primarily by commercial advertisers and inventory control for large corporations. Westchester Emorials is the first company to deploy this technology for the consumer end user in this manner.

This box contains your virtual memorial website enabling you to share pics and vids of a loved one or special occasion. Your website is shared with others by mounting the weatherproof and self stick QR Placards anywhere (indoors/out). The QR Placards are scannable by any smart device bringing the visitor directly to your pics and vids. This website is created by you and can be updated at any time using your personal website passcode.


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